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Below are some selected recent posts.  Click the link above for all available posts, INCLUDING THE LATEST COVID-19 RELATED POSTS.

  • Federal Vaccine and Testing Requirements Announced; Survey for Covered and Other Employers in Vermont.  September 10

  • Trade Updates from A.N. Deringer. July 21

  • Survey on Multigenerational Workforces. July 21

  • All EIDLS Deferred Until 2022. July 21

  • Updated Guidance and Resources from the IRS. July 20

  • Upcoming Vaccination Clinics and Related Information. July 20

  • Vermont Labor Market. July 16

  • 2021 National SBIR Week July 19-23. July 14

  • Upcoming Webinars. July 8

  • Economic Recovery Bridge Program Opens to Additional Businesses. July 7

  • Trade Updates from A.N. Deringer. July 6

  • Updated Resources and Guidance from USDOL and OSHA. July 2

  • UI Contribution Rate and Maximum Weekly Benefit Amount Increases. July 1

  • Changing COVID Guidance: Where to Go with Workplace Policies and Practices?.  June 16

  • NOTE: Snap Webinar Opportunity this Thursday, June 17, on Economic Recovery Bridget Program.  June 16

  • On the Wire | News and Analysis from the Web.  June 15

  • Upcoming Webinars.  June 14

  • VOSHA Outlines Top 10 Recommendations Relating to COVID-19.  June 11

  • Trade Updates from A.N. Deringer.  June 11

  • Upcoming Webinars from USDOL/OSHA.  June 11

  • OSHA releases updated COVID Guidance and Narrowly Focused Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS).  June 10

  • ACCD/VOSHA Briefing on Changing Workplace Guidance for Vermont Employers.  June 9

  • Vermont Business Vaccine Clinics.  June 9

  • Regional Security Roundtable for Critical Manufacturing Sector.  June 8

  • White House Releases 100-Day Supply Chain Review.  June 8

  • VT PTAC Webinars.  June 7

  • Economic Recovery Bridge Program.  June 4

  • EEOC Releases Vaccine Guidance.  June 4

  • State and Federal COVID Guidance for Workplaces Continues to Evolve | Opportunities for Employer Input and Further Guidance, Including Upcoming Online Meeting with Agencies.  May 28

  • Trade Updates from A.N. Deringer.  May 27

  • Regional Meetings on Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan.  May 24

  • SBA Webinar on Surety Bond Guarantee Program and Contract Bonds.  May 24

  • ACCD Seeking to Promote Vaccination Incentives and Rewards.  May 21

  • Vermont Labor Market.  May 21

  • Vermont’s Workplace Guidance and Requirements Are Not Changed by Today’s Mask Announcement. May 14

  • ACTION ALERT | UI Legislation:  Partial Mitigation of Tax Increases, but Significant Increase in Benefit Costs. May 14

  • Updated Resources and Guidance from USDOL and OSHA. May 14

  • Upcoming Webinars and Events. May 12

  • Trade Updates from A.N. Deringer | Webinars. May 12

  • Updated Guidance and Resources from the IRS | Common Errors Employers Should Avoid in Filing Taxes and Claiming Credits. May 10

  • Department of Labor Video for Employers and the Restored Work Search Requirement for UI. May 10

  • Upcoming Webinars from the Vermont Procurement Technical Assistance Program. May 10

  • Updated Resources and Guidance from the IRS. May 7

  • UPDATE | Corporate and Sales Tax Provisions Benefiting Manufacturers Back on the Table, Complicated with Other Tax Proposals.  April 9

  • ACTION ALERT | Update on Legislation Impacting UI Benefits and Taxes; Employer Engagement Now Focuses on the House.  April 6

  • Upcoming Webinars.  April 6

  • Vermont Forward Plan Announced, Universal Guidance for Businesses, Travel Updates.  April 6

  • This Week in Committees.  April 5

  • Trade Updates from A.N. Deringer.  April 5

  • Updated Guidance and Resources from the IRS.  April 2

  • PPP Extended; Timely Applications Encouraged | PPP Webinars Continue.  April 2