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  • UPDATE | Manufacturers and Retailers Urged to Prepare: Changes in Vermont Chemical Regulations Unlikely this Year, But Significant Proposals Expected Next Year.  May 15

  • UPDATE | Chemical Liability Bill Pending Delivery to Governor after Modest Improvements.  May 15

  • UPDATE | Pregnancy Accommodation Bill Signed into Law after Concerns Addressed.  May 15

  • Member Contribution | Tech Trends | Arrest Bogus Wire Fraud.  May 15

  • On the Wire | News and Analysis from the Web for the Week of May 8.  May 15

  • ACTION ALERT | Chemical Bill Would Gut Scientific and Health Standards for Product Regulations, Create Unprecedented Agency Discretion. May 8

  • ACTION ALERT | Education Savings Proposal Hangs in the Balance. May 8

  • UPDATE | Paid Family Leave Passes the House, Debate to Resume Next Year in the Senate. May 8

  • On the Wire | News and Analysis from the Web for the Week of May 1. May 8

  • Member Contribution | Tech Trends | Is Business Banking Fraud on Your Radar? May 5

  • Vermont Labor Market.  May 1