Act 250 9(L) Guidance Update and Remaining Public Comment

Following stakeholder engagement during the past year, the Department of Housing and Community development recently released what they presented as the final version of Guidance for Act 250 9(L), as well as a summary of the comments they had received.  The comments document indicates if they included the recommendation or why they did not.

The next steps planned by the Department include state-wide outreach and education on the new criteria. The Department have offered 9(L) training to members of the Natural Resources Board. With that, the NRB is supposed to take the lead on training and education on how 9(L) works.  Notice of upcoming training opportunities might be provided in the coming months.

For its part, the NRB hopes to have the Guidance on the agenda for possible adoption at the NRB meeting in March, currently scheduled for March 8. The NRB has invited anybody interested in the Guidance to provide written comments to the NRB and attend the meeting to provide input to the NRB.  In order to get written comments in the Board packets for the March meeting, they ask that you submit comments by February 25.  Comments can be emailed to or mailed to:

Natural Resources Board

Dewey Building

National Life Drive

Montpelier, Vermont   05620-3201

For a copy of the Guidance and the summary of comments, email us at