Resolution on Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Reform

The House last week passed a resolution, JRH.26, calling on Congress to pass reforms to the federal Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

Although AIV and other manufacturing parties support TSCA reform, and the House Fish, Wildlife, and Water Resources Committee made some modest changes to the resolution following AIV testimony, the resolution still makes a number of claims and assertions that inaccurately and unfairly suggest that there is significantly less testing and regulation of chemicals in manufacturing than is actually the case.

The resolution also calls for specific provisions in TSCA reform that AIV does not necessarily agree with.  Most notably, the resolution calls for relatively weak federal preemption of state laws regulating chemicals.  AIV strongly believes that chemical regulations should be uniform across states and that the federal government has the resources and expertise to best ensure that any chemical regulations are founded in sound science and are both reasonable and responsible, rather than driven by politics as can often be the case at the state level.

The resolution is pending consideration in the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee.  To see the text of resolution as passed by the House, click here to see the House Journal (the resolution is on page 890).  If you have any questions about the resolution or about TSCA reform, please contact us at