ACTION ALERT | Paid Family Leave Could Be Moving

As reported previously (see related post here), the House General, Housing, and Military Affairs Committee has been discussing legislation to increase the minimum wage, H.93, and create a paid family leave mandate and funding program, H.196.

There has been some question as to whether the House would actually act on these bills this year.  While momentum has seemed to be waning for a minimum wage increase being passed this year, the possibility remains.  However, of greater concern at this time is what appears to be the sustained momentum behind paid family leave.

The Committee took predominately favorable testimony last week, and has scheduled further testimony next week with the possibility of a vote by the end of that week.  AIV will be testifying on the bill next week, and we strongly encourage employers to review the bill and to contact us at for more information and to discuss options for weighing in with the Committee and legislators generally, especially before the Committee votes on the bill.

As noted previously, concerns with the bill include cost (up to 1% of payroll split between employers and an employee deduction), the sustainability of that cost, increased leave utilization impacts, and the effective elimination of the small business exemptions in the state’s current unpaid leave laws (under 15 employees for family leave, 10 for parental leave) as they are replaced by paid family leave.