PUBLIC COMMENT | Impact of Federal Regulations, Model for Feedback on State Regulations

The Trump Administration issued a presidential memorandum in January on permit streamlining and reducing regulatory burdens for manufacturers (click here for the memorandum).

Today, the federal Department of Commerce published a Request for Information. Click here for the RFI.

Specifically, the request is for information on how the “construction, operation and expansion of domestic manufacturing facilities are affected by (1) the process of acquiring Federal permits required for the construction, expansion, or operation of such facilities and (2) the burdens of complying with Federal regulations for manufacturing facility construction, expansion, or operation.”

Questions addressed to individual companies include the number and nature of permits in specific sectors including best practices from individual states and top regulations that are most burdensome to individual businesses.

All responses to the request will be published on (docket DOC-2017-0001) and there is no opportunity for the submission of confidential information. However, responses can be provided by associations, and if you are interested in providing feedback for AIV to consider submitting on behalf of Vermont manufacturers, please don’t hesitate to contact us at to discuss further.  The deadline for submission is March 31 at 5:00 pm.

Vermont manufacturers are certainly encouraged to participate to the extent you feel is warranted.  However, because several areas of regulation, particularly environmental regulations, are delegated to Vermont agencies, and Vermont has several unique regulations (such as Act 250), AIV encourages you to look at this RFI as a model for providing us similar feedback on state regulations that we can use in reaching out to the Scott Administration and to the Legislature on related issues and to encourage a similar review of state requirements.  To discuss such efforts further, please contact us as above.