On the Wire | News and Analysis from the Web for the Week of May 22

Inside Trump’s war on regulations.  Politico 5/28 “The chaos of Donald Trump’s first four months as president has overshadowed a series of actions that could reshape American life for decades — efforts to rewrite or wipe out regulations affecting everything from student loans and restaurant menus to internet privacy, workplace injuries and climate change. . […]

On the Wire | News and Analysis from the Web for the Week of May 15

The Future of 21st Century Manufacturing Is Digital.  NBCNews 5/21 “Across America, manufacturing is changing from the traditional assembly line to the use of collaborative robots. By 2025, industrial robots are expected to perform 25 percent of tasks such as assembly, packaging, and material handling. . . .” _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Alexa, bring manufacturing jobs back to […]

UPDATE | Manufacturers and Retailers Urged to Prepare: Changes in Vermont Chemical Regulations Unlikely this Year, But Significant Proposals Expected Next Year

S.103, addressing chemical regulations, was referred last week to the Senate Health and Welfare Committee, and is unlikely to be taken up before the Legislature adjourns for the year.  As reported previously, the House-passed version of this bill includes several provisions that would critically undermine the integrity and credibility of the scientific and health-based criteria […]

UPDATE | Pregnancy Accommodation Bill Signed into Law after Concerns Addressed

H.136, addressing reasonable accommodation for pregnancy, was signed into law by the Governor on May 4.  The nominal intent of the bill as introduced was to ensure that employees who have a performance related disability owing to pregnancy are treated the same as an employee similarly disabled unrelated to pregnancy.  As reported previously, AIV had […]

Member Contribution | Tech Trends | Arrest Bogus Wire Fraud

The following is provided by John Burton, President of AIV member NPI, a technology management company located in South Burlington. For more information, call (800) 639-6091, or go to www.npi.net.   Business owners are seeing a huge increase in attempted wire fraud. The FBI reports that this problem has cost companies billions of dollars in the last […]

On the Wire | News and Analysis from the Web for the Week of May 8

The 10 hidden threats to manufacturers.  Manufacturing Global 5/14 “‘Across America, manufacturers’ optimism is soaring, in no small part because of President Trump’s laser-like focus on pursuing bold action, particularly on rethinking red tape to address regulatory reform, to accelerate a jobs surge in America,’ said the National Association of Manufacturers’ President and CEO Jay […]

ACTION ALERT | Chemical Bill Would Gut Scientific and Health Standards for Product Regulations, Create Unprecedented Agency Discretion

S.103, addressing changes to Vermont’s various chemical regulations, is currently pending action in the Senate as the legislature heads into its last few days of the session this Wednesday.  As passed by the House last week, the bill would critically undermine the integrity and credibility of Vermont’s regulation of chemicals in children’s products (Act 188) […]

ACTION ALERT | Education Savings Proposal Hangs in the Balance

The primary issue holding up adjournment of the legislature is a stand-off over the Governor’s proposal to create a statewide school employee health benefit where the state would negotiate with the school employees’ unions. Local school boards would still bargain with school employees over all other compensation and benefits.  It has been estimated that negotiating […]