Broad Review of Chemical Regulation in Vermont:  Interagency Committee on Chemical Management

Governor Scott last summer signed an Executive Order to address several chemical regulatory issues that should be of interest to manufacturers, retailers, and other companies in Vermont and nationally.  AIV had been and continues to be actively engaging on these issues with a coalition of Vermont manufacturers and national trade associations, and we encourage Vermont manufacturers and other companies to contact us for more information about recent developments and our plans for the coming weeks and months.

The Executive Order establishes an Interagency Committee on Chemical Management (ICCM) to review and make regulatory and legislative recommendations on a number of issues, most notably:

  • Possible changes to chemicals covered and thresholds triggered under Vermont’s Toxics Use Reduction and Hazardous Waste Reduction statute
  • Creation of a new chemical inventory reporting requirement
  • Possible changes to streamline and/or consolidate existing chemical regulations

At this time, the stated goals of the ICCM are to conduct a LEAN exercise, probably next month, among the agencies and departments with key chemical related reporting and regulatory programs about options for streamlining and potentially consolidating the collection and sharing of reports and other possible procedural improvements.  In the next month or two it will likely begin reviewing whether and how the Toxics Use Reduction and Hazardous Waste Reduction statute might be revised.  Consideration of a possible chemical inventory proposal or proposals will likely not be taken up until later in the year.

For more information about the ICCM and its activities, click here.

AIV will be coordinating work with our coalition of Vermont manufacturers and national trade associations to help ensure that the ICCM takes what we hope to be a responsible and rational approach toward its charge.  We believe that it is the best forum and mechanism to address a number of issues and proposals related to chemical regulations that have been receiving increasing attention in the Legislature in recent years.

We strongly encourage to you contact us at to learn more about what is going on, our efforts to work on these issues, and opportunities to stay informed and possibly consider engaging more directly.