UPDATE & ALERT | Status of Extended Producer Responsibility for Household Products

The House Natural Resources, Fish, and Wildlife Committee reviewed a new version of H.560, addressing household products containing a hazardous substance, Thursday.

The current draft can be reviewed by clicking here.  It would impose sweeping extended producer responsibility/product stewardship mandates on any manufacturer selling a broad scope of household products containing a hazardous substance.  The draft also raises a number of concerns regarding complex stewardship organizational challenges, duplicative and overlapping cost liabilities, uncertain environmental liability exposures, and many other practical and financial questions.

Members should watch for an updated, more detailed action alert.

All manufacturers of household products are strongly urged to review the most recent interim draft.  We will post an updated overview and alert by late tomorrow after checking to see if a new draft is available.

Be sure to contact us at info@aivt.org for more information and to learn about options to get involved in this issue.  Also, you can click here for the last substantive post on this issue.