Labor Relations Board Opening

In accordance with the provisions of 3 VSA 921, the Commissioner of Labor and the Labor Board Review Panel are reopening nominations for a vacant neutral seat on the Vermont Labor Relations Board.  The deadline for the receipt of nominations is Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

Qualified candidates’ names will be submitted by the Panel to the Governor for review and appointment.

The Vermont Labor Relations Board determines appropriate bargaining units, conducts union representation elections, adjudicates unfair labor practice charges and hears grievances in cases involving relations between employers and employees of the State of Vermont, Vermont State Colleges, University of Vermont, municipalities, school districts, and small private operations.

The term of the appointment is six (6) years, and the Board members must be available to serve at hearings which are conducted in Montpelier, as well as assist in special projects as determined by the Labor Board Chair or Executive Director. Labor Board members are not considered State employees and have no compensation or benefits other than receiving a minimal stipend for their work and expense reimbursement (mileage and meal reimbursement) for travel to hearings or other assignments.

The current vacancy is for one neutral position, with a specifically-designated background and meeting the following qualifications:

A candidate must have a neutral background. In this context, this means that the candidate must be an individual in high standing not connected with any labor organization or management position, and who can be reasonably considered to be able to serve as an impartial individual.

A candidate must possess “experience, knowledge, character, integrity, judgment and ability to act in a fair and impartial manner.” 3 V.S.A. 921(a)(1) (B).

A candidate must be a US citizen and a resident of the state of Vermont for at least one year immediately preceding appointment.

A member of the Board may not hold any other state office.

The Review Panel shall consider the skills, perspectives, and experience of candidates to serve on the Labor Board. Interested candidates should send the following information to the Commissioner of Labor by the deadline of October 17, 2018:


  1. A brief (not to exceed one page) letter of interest, specifically identifying that you are applying as a neutral representative to the Board, and outlining your credentials to serve in that capacity;
  2. Up-to-date resume (not to exceed 2 pages)
  3. A separate list of not more than 5 references with contact information

Mail or email all information to: Labor Commissioner Lindsay Kurrle, 5 Green Mountain Drive, P.O. Box 488, Montpelier, Vermont 05601-0488, Information received after 4:30 PM on October 17, 2018 will not be considered. If you are chosen for an interview, you will be asked to come to Montpelier to meet with the Review Panel on a date determined by the Panel.

For more information on the role of the Vermont Labor Relations Board, you can review Vermont statutes, 3 VSA Sec 921, et al., or visit their website at

If you have questions regarding the vacancies or the process to apply, contact the Vermont Department of Labor at 802-828-4301 or email the Commissioner at


Please be advised that applicants who submitted applications when this position was last advertised in July need not re-submit their applications; they will remain in the applicant pool.