Suspicious Account Activity Identified in the State’s Unemployment Insurance Claimant System

The Vermont Department of Labor has identified eight cases of fraudulent activity in the Unemployment Insurance Claimant Portal System. Based on their initial review, this activity appears to involve individual claimant accounts, in which personal information was used to gain unauthorized access to the Unemployment Insurance system.

The state police are actively investigating this incident, and it is believed that this situation is limited to only individuals with active unemployment claims. In each of the eight cases the claimants have been notified by the Department, and none have suffered the loss of any unemployment benefits.

Since identifying the fraudulent activity, the Department has been, and continues to, closely monitor all accounts and is verifying any account changes or suspicious activity directly with claimants. The Agency of Digital Services has also added additional security measures and monitoring.

However, due to the nature of this fraudulent activity, it is important that anyone with an account in the unemployment insurance system be extra vigilant in monitoring their online account and credit activity until this situation is resolved. All users of the Unemployment Insurance Claimant System are being asked to actively monitor their claimant accounts and report any suspicious activity immediately. Additionally, users should update their personal identification numbers (PIN) on a regular basis, and refrain from using common number sequences, such as the last four digits of their social security number.

The Department is in the process of notifying all claimants with active accounts, and anyone who believes their unemployment insurance account information has been compromised should contact the Department by filing a report online at: