Minimum Wage Increase Goes to Conference Committee

Following similar action on mandatory paid leave, the House this week voted to go to conference with the Senate to resolve differences between their respective versions of S.23, increasing the minimum wage.  The Senate did not act in time last year for the legislature to resolve the two chambers’ versions.

Under the House version of the bill, the minimum wage would increase annually on January 1 by 2.25 times CPI, or 5.5%, whichever is less, until the minimum wage is equal to or greater than $15.00.  After reaching $15.00, minimum wage would increase by CPI or 5%, whichever is less.  Under the Senate version, it would increase to 11.50 on January 1, 2020, $12.20 in 2021, and thereafter by CPI or 5%, whichever is less.

For a comparison between the most recently passed House and Senate versions of S.23, click here.

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More Information and Contacting Legislators

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