Update and Action Alert | Mandatory Paid Leave Approved in Senate, Moves to House Next Week

House and Senate conferees agreed to a final version of H.107, imposing mandatory paid family and medical leave, earlier this week, with the Senate approving the conference report today.

The conference report will be taken up on the House floor next week, likely Tuesday or Wednesday.  Members interested in contacting their representatives about the bill can find contact information below.

The final version largely reflects the last version passed by the Senate.  Click here to see a brief overview of the two versions in our last post on this issue.  More details will be provided in our next update on this issue.

The primary changes in the conference report from the Senate version of the bill is the removal of the joint 16 week cap on bonding/parental leave for couples, meaning that each member of a couple could take up to 12 weeks.  The conference also reduces the earnings threshold to qualify for leave from 1040 hours at the minimum wage to 675 hours at the minimum wage ($11,400 to $7,400).

To review the full text, you can find the conference report in today’s Senate calendar by clicking here.

More Information and Contacting Legislators

For more information about this issue, including options for engaging with legislators, please contact us at info@aivt.org.

If you want to find your legislators and their contact information, click here.  You can also leave messages for legislators with the Sergeant at Arms Office at 802.828.2228.