On the Wire | News and Analysis from the Web for the Week of February 10

” Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Tuesday that the U.S. economy appears durable, with steady growth and unemployment near a half-century low, but faces risks from the broadening viral outbreak that began in China. . . .”

US open jobs fall sharply for 2nd straight month.  AP 2/11
” U.S. businesses sharply cut the number of jobs they advertised in December for the second straight month, an unusual sign of weakness in an otherwise healthy job market. . . .”

Eight Drivers for Manufacturing’s Next 50 Years. IndustryWeek 2/10
” In the last several decades, we’ve seen major disruptions to the manufacturing environment.  We experienced the “China Price,” which prompted offshoring of manufacturing operations, nearly decimating U.S. manufacturing.  More recently we’ve seen the trend toward personalized products, resulting in smaller lot sizes, thus straining traditional economies of scale production. And the “Amazon Effect” of rapid turnaround in orders and delivery times of two days or less continues to challenge the longer lead times typical in manufacturing. . . .”