UPDATE & ACTION ALERT | Minimum Wage Vetoed; Override Vote Possible Next Week in House

As an update and action alert on top of last week’s note on the successfully sustained veto of mandatory paid family leave and pending fate of increasing the minimum wage, the Governor vetoed S.23, increasing the minimum wage, late Monday, and the Senate  voted to override the veto by a vote of 24 to 6 on Thursday.

It will likely go to the House floor as early as next week.  Prospects for sustaining the veto in the House are stronger, however, as the conference reported only passed that chamber 93 to 54.

Key details about the bill were included in a previous post that you can find here.  Members concerned about legislation artificially increasing the minimum wage are encouraged to contact your legislators to urge that they support the Governor’s veto and oppose S.23.  You can review information about the bill and who voted for or against the conference report by clicking here.

More Information and Contacting Legislators

For more information about this issue, including options for engaging with legislators, please contact us at info@aivt.org.

If you want to find your legislators and their contact information, click here.  You can also leave messages for legislators with the Sergeant at Arms Office at 802.828.2228.