Updates on Vermont’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Order 

As you know, Governor Scott yesterday issued new restrictions under Vermont’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order.  For the full text of the Governor’s press release with related links to key documents, click here.

The Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD) has followed up with new links and resources on its website including:

Stay Home, Stay Safe FAOs for Businesses

The link above includes a NAICS Code Guidance for Vermont Businesses

For the full ACCD COVID-19 website, click here.

If you have any questions about your company’s status after reading the release and the full text of the order linked in the release, as well as the new resources above, we strongly recommend that you contact ACCD as directed, but also let us know your questions at info@aivt.org.  We will get back to you and do what we can to get you the answers you need.

For AIV’s COVID-19 resources page, click here.