Extremely Important Update on Vermont’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Order and Critical Supply Chains

As companies grapple with determining whether they are considered “critical” and can stay operating under Vermont’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order, it is becoming apparent that a number of companies that aren’t sure or don’t think they are themselves “critical” are shutting down, even though they actually are critical, particularly if they are part of the supply chain necessary for critical businesses or NAICS codes even if their own individual NAICS code has not been designated as critical in general.

This not only hurts the companies shutting down, but it can also cripple the critical companies that depend on their supply chain partners.

If you are a critical business, please contact your suppliers to make sure they understand that they are part of a critical business supply chain and can keep operating.  If you are a supply chain participant, please contact your customers to determine whether they are a critical business or themselves part of a critical business supply chain.

As a reminder, for some guidance on critical business status, you can refer to the NAICS table posted by the Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD) by clicking here, but also review the CISA Guidance from the Department of Homeland Security by clicking here.

If you have any difficulties connecting with suppliers or customers, or have any other questions or challenges, certainly contact the ACCD, but also contact us at info@aivt.org so that we can provide whatever assistance we are able to.

NOTE:  ACCD is working to deal with a very large number of requests for clarification of critical status.  They are working on broad responses and other new outreach and guidance on these issues.  Watch for more from them, and AIV will also work to pass on new information as available.

For the full ACCD COVID-19 website, click here.

For AIV’s COVID-19 resources page, click here.