ALERT | Vermont Expands Conditional Allowable Operations for Manufacturers and other Businesses | Feedback Needed

The Governor today announced additional conditions for initial resumption of operations for manufacturers and other businesses not currently operating as a critical/essential business.  These next steps toward broader resumption of operations are extremely modest, and employers should review the criteria provided very carefully.  The new guidance can be reviewed by clicking here.  You should also review the updated sector by sector guidance, which has some additional detail (click here).

Manufacturers and other businesses are expected to have questions about how best to comply with these new criteria, and we strongly encourage you to contact us at with any questions or recommendations after you review these criteria.

AIV is continuing to engage with the Administration on further steps toward broader resumption of operations and to address questions and issues with current guidance as it is released and implemented.  As above, any questions, needs, and recommendations related to resuming operations going forward are strongly encouraged and we urge you to contact us with them at

It will also be helpful if you complete and submit the survey below, with a particular focus on any resumption of operations issues (if you have completed the survey in the past and have more to add, please do so).

Survey of COVID-19 Impacts, Needs, Questions, and Recommendations