Reminder from Department of Labor for Employers’ First Quarter Wage Reports, Offers Flexibility for Contributions and Penalties

The Department of Labor is reminding employers that first quarter wage reports are due on April 30, 2020.  Timely submittal will assist the Department in ensuring that Vermonters applying for unemployment will receive benefits. In addition to first quarter wage reports, first quarter unemployment tax contributions are also due on April 30.

Flexibility on Quarterly Contributions 

In addition to wage reports, quarterly employer contributions are also due on April 30. While employers that are able to make contribution payments are encouraged to do so, the Department is offering flexible payment options for businesses who cannot meet the contribution deadline and are facing financial hardship due to COVID-19.

Waiving of Employer Penalties 

The Department is waiving penalties employers may have received for delays in providing separation forms and wage verification requests. If an employer has received a penalty in error, or believes it should be waived, they may submit the request for waiver by filling out an online request form by clicking here.