Questions Continue to Surround Legislation to Provide Grants to “Frontline” Workers

As reported previously, S.346 was passed by the Senate and would provide grants for certain critical/essential employees who worked during the last two months (see related post here).  As the bill developed, questions were raised about the appropriate scope of the bill, the period of time it should apply to, whether federal COVID-19 funding would be allowed to be used for the program, and other details.  Click here to find links to the bill as proposed and as passed by the Senate, and to track its status.

As the House Commerce and Economic Development has reviewed the bill this week, questions have persisted about whether federal funding is allowable for the bill as it is currently drafted, and whether the proposed grant should be rewarded in the future, rather than retrospectively, to help encourage employees that might otherwise be tempted to leave work for more generous unemployment benefits rather than remaining at work.  Concerns also continue to be raised about potential administrative burdens for employers.

The Committee is seeking further input from federal authorities on the allowability of funding, and seeking more input from potentially covered employers.  AIV will provide additional updates as warranted, but do not hesitate to contact us at with any questions or to discuss this bill and issue further.