State Legislature Begins to Return to Non-COVID-19 Legislation

After approximately two months of focusing primarily on COVID-19 related briefings and some legislation, a number of legislators have been pressing to resume action on legislation that was being discussed prior to the crisis.  This pressure led to the first major development this week when the Senate leadership gave the green light to a number of non-COVID-19 related bills that have been on the chamber’s calendar to start moving with votes to send them to the House over the coming days, as well as permission for committees to act on bills that are in committee and had not progressed to the floor yet.

Several of these bills are of interest to manufacturers and other businesses, and we will be providing updates on specific bills over the coming days.  At this time, click here for more information about S.295, addressing PFAS and other chemical regulations, and click here for more information about S.227, addressing issues including extended producer responsibility for packaging and printed materials.