Updated Guidance and Resources from the IRS

Employers Should Be Aware of Scams and other Threats

Tax professionals, employers and taxpayers need to be on guard against phishing designed to steal Form W-2s and other tax information. These are called Business Email Compromise or Business Email Spoofing. These scams have used a variety of tactics including requests for wire transfers or payment of fake invoices.

Ransomeware is malicious software that is often downloaded by the user after clicking on a malicious attachment that encrypts their data making their data inaccessible. In some cases, entire computer networks can be affected. The IRS advises tax professionals and taxpayers to use the free, multi-factor authentication feature being offered on tax preparation software products.

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47 Rehabilitation Credit

Notice 2020-58 provides temporary relief from certain requirements under §47 of the Internal Revenue Code in response to the ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.  Click here.