On the Wire | News and Analysis from the Web for the Week of November 30

Managing a multigenerational team at a manufacturing company.  The Fabricator 12/6

“Manufacturers in the U.S. find themselves in a challenging position as they try to find the right people to fill the job openings within their ranks. The generational gap has never been greater in the manufacturing workforce. . . .”

Employers are ‘the spearhead’ to get people vaccinated: PR executive.  Yahoo Finance 12/4

“Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama will all be getting their coronavirus vaccines on camera in an effort to show the vaccine is safe and promote the necessary herd immunity to crush the pandemic. But in an interview with Yahoo Finance, Richard Edelman, the CEO of Edelman, the world’s biggest PR firm, said celebrities and politicians are not the key to convincing Americans to get vaccinated. That job, according to Edelman’s research, falls to employers. . . .”

Blockchain Attempts To Secure The Supply Chain.  Semiconductor Engineering 12/3

“Blockchain technology is starting to be deployed more widely In the battle against counterfeiting, often coupled with component IDs to allow device authentication. . . .”

AI on the Factory Floor Challenges Cybersecurity.  EE Times 12/2

“From the standpoint of cybersecurity, the use of AI and machine learning on the factory floor has both strengths and weaknesses. Both can help improve monitoring, detection and prevention of threats and attacks, especially for Industry 4.0 endpoints. But smart manufacturing systems that rely on these technologies can be probed and manipulated by bad actors. . . .”

Five Emergency Maintenance Best Practices All Plant Employees Should Follow.  Occupational Health and Safety 11/30

“Have you encountered a sudden machine failure of a critical asset that needs instant repair? That is what we call emergency maintenance, an unplanned event of repair or maintenance to make the equipment operational again. Here are a few examples of emergency maintenance: . . .”