COVID-19 Testing: Now More Options for Vermonters

Vermonters can get tested for COVID-19 at more than 15 regular locations throughout the state, with more of them now open daily.

Vermonters can still spread the virus even when you don’t have symptoms. If someone has been in a higher risk situation, like a social gathering, or learned that someone they live or work with tested positive for COVID-19, they should get tested to help take steps to protect others and prevent further spread of the virus.

Many sites now allow Vermonters to take a sample themselves, using a short swab in their nose. The test is quick, easy, and free.

Vermonters can register for testing at a location near them by clicking here.

(Registrants need to create an account, then log in to make an appointment.)

NOTE:  Vermonters who are already showing symptoms of COVID-19 are recommended not tp go to a testing site.  They should first contact their health care provider so they can be referred for testing.  Anyone who does not have a health care provider should call 211 for assistance.

For more information from the Vermont Department of Health, click here.