Trade Updates from A.N. Deringer

The following is provided by AIV member A.N. Deringer:

Congestion in Asia’s Supply Chain Continues to Grow

There are continued shipping delays out of Southern China as recent coronavirus outbreaks in Yantian add to the ongoing congestion and shortage of empty containers. Yantian is one of the top-ranking ports in the Transpacific, with 3.2 million TEU moving in the past 12 months (per Datamyne).

Neighboring ports Nansha, Shekou, and Hong Kong are also experiencing congestion – not only in the terminals but also over the roadways and barge systems as many exporters have started to reroute cargo to these ports.

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Department of Commerce Fully Implements Mandatory Aluminum Licensing Requirement

The import license reporting requirement under the United States Department of Commerce “Aluminum Import Monitoring and Analysis System” (AIM) will become mandatory on June 28, 2021.

The AIM system requires importers and Customs brokers to apply for and obtain an import license for each entry of certain aluminum products into the US through the AIM system website.

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