Changing COVID Guidance: Where to Go with Workplace Policies and Practices?

As expected, this week Vermont lifted its key workplace requirements related to COVID.  This comes after OSHA released updates to its workplace guidance based on the preceding changes from the CDC regarding vaccinated and unvaccinated employees.

As requirements have been lifted, employers have flexibility but also some uncertainty about recommended guidance and best practices.

The following are links to resources that might be of use and interest, as well as a survey for Vermont employers about selected key issues and questions you might want addressed going forward.

We will work to address questions and issues identified in the survey, and will also be following up with VOSHA and other agencies regarding any further updated recommendations and best practices, including watching for further changes at the federal level.

  • Recording of the June 8 town hall meeting discussion with ACCD and VOSHA regarding workplace guidance and related issues (email for a copy of the prepared slides and any follow up Q&A).  Click here.
  • VOSHA memo outlining top recommendations for the workplace. Click here.
  • Vermont Department of Health resources. Click here.
  • OSHA’s recently updated guidance and other resources. Click here.
  • Vaccine Clinic Registration Form for businesses interested in hosting vaccination opportunities. Click here.

For our survey on workplace policies and practices going forward and questions to address, please click here.