Trade Updates from A.N. Deringer

The following is provided by AIV member A.N. Deringer:

Restrictions on Import Rail Traffic into the U.S.

The international intermodal supply chain is experiencing significant impacts due to the record high volume of imports into the U.S. As a result, MSC rail vendor (BNSF) is restricting import rail traffic from the U.S. West Coast ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

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Southeast Asia Suffering from New COVID Restrictions

New COVID restrictions are disrupting manufacturing and logistics throughout Southeast Asia.  Malaysia is experiencing the highest number of cases, rising to over 10,000, and lockdowns remain throughout the country.

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West Coast Rail Services into Chicago Being Suspended

The Union Pacific Railroad (UP) announced a seven-day pause beginning on July 19th for Eastbound traffic from the U.S. West Coast terminals (Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Tacoma) to the Global IV terminal in Joliet, IL. The UP is using this time to reduce the rail backlog en route and around the Chicago area.

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