Legislature Reaching Traditional Mid-Point for Focusing Key Legislation, But Uncertainty Remains

With the upcoming Town Meeting Week break at hand for the Legislature, we are nearing a traditional turning point for significant legislative action.  Bills traditionally need to move in either the House or Senate by the week after this break (two weeks for tax and spending bills) to be able to be taken up by the other chamber and possibly move on to the Governor.  Although in reality there are several options for almost any bill to move regardless, especially in the second year of a biennium, the next few weeks should still provide a measure of clarity on what key bills are going to be up for action and possible passage.

Today’s newsletter posts include updates and background on several key bills and issues that AIV has been especially active in engaging on so far this year, including corporate income tax changes, machinery and equipment tax changes, and unemployment insurance changes, impacting Vermont manufacturers and other employers.  Additional updates on key issues including minimum wage and paid leave requirements, workplace harassment and discrimination standards and settlement laws, liabilities related to chemicals, climate regulations and costs for fossil fuels, manufacturer liability for waste related to packaging and to household products, opportunities to reform energy efficiency programs, Act 250, and several others will be posted in the coming days.

In addition to watching for posts on the issues above, however, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@aivt.org to discuss these or any other issues or legislation that you are interested in.