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Economic Indicators.  US Census Bureau 6/3

NAM Pushes for Smart SEC Cyber Rule.  NAM 6/3
“The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed a rule that would impose new cybersecurity disclosure requirements on manufacturers—and the NAM is pushing to make those requirements work better. . . .”

Productivity and Costs.  Bureau of Labor Statistics 6/2 

How (and How Not) to Recognize Employees.  Gallup Podcast 6/2
“Why is recognition at work so important — and how does it benefit employees and organizations alike? Isha Vicaria, a social psychologist and people data analyst at Workhuman, joins the podcast to talk about how employers can create a thriving workplace and team environment through recognition. . . .”

U.S. labor market stays tight as workers remain scarce; manufacturing regains speed.  Reuters 6/1
“U.S. job openings fell in April, but remained at significantly high levels, suggesting that wages would continue to rise as companies scramble for workers, and contribute to inflation staying uncomfortably high for a while. . . .”

Ports get ‘much needed respite’ as container-ship traffic jam eases.  FreightWaves 6/1
“It could be the relative calm before the peak-season, post-Shanghai-lockdown storm. Or it could be the final unwinding of COVID-era congestion as inflation takes hold. What happens next is still highly uncertain. But as of now, U.S. port queue numbers remain down from highs. . . .”

How Manufacturers Are Investing in Their Future Workforce.  NAM 5/24
“How are manufacturers developing a workforce for a fast-changing industry in a fast-changing decade? Recently, Manufacturing Institute President Carolyn Lee sat down with leaders at Union Pacific Railroad and the Caterpillar Foundation to find out. . . .”