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Transforming Advanced Manufacturing Through Industry 4.0.  McKinsey 6/27
“The last decade has seen companies operating under increasing levels of disruption. Quickly changing customer preferences, as well as demand uncertainty and disruptions, are challenging planning systems to unprecedented degrees. National security interests, trade barriers, and logistics disruptions are pushing businesses to find alternatives to globalized supply chains. Major swings in demand are calling for drastic operational and capital cost reduction in some areas and rapid growth in others. Physical distancing and remote work are forcing manufacturers to reconfigure manufacturing flows and management. Meanwhile, increased global concern for the environmental impact of human activities has forced companies to rethink manufacturing strategies. . . .”

U.S. manufacturing shows resilience despite rising interest rates. Reuters 6/27
“New orders for U.S.-made capital goods and shipments increased solidly in May, pointing to sustained strength in business spending on equipment in the second quarter, but rising interest rates and tighter financial conditions could slow momentum. . . .”

Kimberly-Clark’s business-first approach to digital transformation. CIO 6/24
“When it comes to IT strategy, Kimberly-Clark Global CIO Manoj Kumbhat makes one thing very clear: This multinational takes a business-first approach to digital transformation.  The B2C and B2B retailer of brand-name personal care and professional healthcare products, such as Kleenex tissues, Scott paper towels, and Huggies diapers, has made a big hybrid-cloud push of late, complete with a Snowflake data lake, a “consumer 360” platform, and a series of cloud-native and SaaS applications geared to increase revenue from consumer channels and giant retail customers alike. . . .”

Impacting businesses’ top and bottom lines by optimizing procure-to-pay. Process Excellence Network 6/23
“In many industries, problems in global supply chains lead to massive impairments in the ability of companies to deliver and compete. This article illustrates how process mining technologies can be used to optimize procurement processes and achieve supply chain resilience. . . .”

How manufacturers deal with product data challenges.  Digital Commerce 360 6/21
“Digital commerce in manufacturing is accelerating. Product information is an area in B2B commerce that shows a big gap between companies that are successful and ones that aren’t, says a new survey of 100 companies by inriver Inc. Inriver Inc. is a product information management systems developer and services provider. For 96% of manufacturers, getting new products to market has accelerated because of the current business climate. And 88% of manufacturers are facing more competition than one year ago, the report says. 94% of respondents also say the automation of product information tasks has increased within their organization, with 95% of large companies using automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to tailor product information for different channels. But there are also gaps between manufacturing companies in how they do (or do not) display richer product information online, inriver says. . . .”