The Week In Committees | Week of February 27

The following are selected items on committee calendars for the coming week that might be of interest to members.  Schedules are subject to change.  If you would like more in­formation on any of these issues or others of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us at  You can also review full agendas by clicking here or here.

Environmental Regulation.  The House Environment and Energy Committee will discuss and likely vote on H.126, seeking conservation of up to 50% of land in the state, Tuesday.  The Senate Appropriations Committee will discuss amending and could vote on S.5, creating a Clean Heat Standard for non-transportation fossil fuels, Tuesday.

Product Regulation.  The House Environment and Energy Committee will discuss and possibly vote on H.158, expanding the bottle bill, Tuesday.

Labor and Workplace Regulation.  The House Ways and Means Committee will discuss H.66, imposing mandatory paid family and medical leave and expanding unpaid leave to all employers, through the week.  The Senate Economic Development, Housing, and General Affairs Committee will discuss changes to labor and workplace laws through the week (see related post here).

Economic Development.  The House Commerce and Economic Development Committee will take up a revised version of H.10, making changes to the Vermont Employment Growth Incentive Program, Thursday.  The Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee will discuss S.100, addressing housing development, through the week.

Taxes and Fees.  The Senate Health and Welfare Committee will discuss S.56, addressing child care and early education, through the week.  The Senate Finance Committee will get an update on financing for child care Wednesday.