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The following updates and webinars are provided by AIV member A.N. Deringer:

TMF at Ports of LA and Long Beach to Increase 4%

Beginning November 1, the TMF will be $35.57 per TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) or $71.14 per forty-foot container. The TMF is charged on non-exempt containers. Containers exempt from the TMF include empty containers; import cargo or export cargo that transits the Alameda Corridor in a container and is subject to a fee imposed by the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority; and transshipment cargo. Empty chassis and bobtail trucks are also exempt.

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4th Annual Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) Webinar Series

Join A.N. Deringer as they host Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to bring you the 4th annual CTPAT webinar series. This will be a series of five webinars stretched over a two-week period. Details on individual webinars can be found below, along with registration.


OCTOBER 17 | 2 P.M. EST | 1 HOUR
Hosted by Mark Isaacson, Mark Mahoney and Geoffery Fenwick, the panel will discuss a high-level view of current CTPAT topics, trends, and initiatives. This presentation is designed to provide an overview of the webinar topics that will be presented in the upcoming days.

CTPAT – Business Partner Vetting

OCTOBER 19 | 2 P.M. EST | 1 HOUR
This panel will focus on the fundamentals of the business partner screening process. Panelists will highlight available open-source materials that can be used to ensure thorough screening of current and prospective business partners.

CTPAT – E-Commerce

OCTOBER 24 | 2 P.M. EST | 1 HOUR
In this session, CBP will discuss how it is strengthening its ability to address the increase in e-commerce and the national and economic security threats this poses. Learn how to establish a trust-validated supply chain across the e-commerce ecosystem using traditional CBP Cargo Risk Management strategies and modernized data exchanges to provide updated benefit opportunities.

CTPAT – Cybersecurity

OCTOBER 26 | 2 P.M. EST | 1 HOUR
Bryan Smith and Mike Edgerton will provide a joint presentation on how the Port Authority of NY and NJ coordinates with port partners and government agencies relevant to cybersecurity-related incidents, threats, business resumption, and crisis management drills and tabletop exercises. The co-hosts will also discuss how these critical areas tie into the CTPAT criteria and successes with partnering with the private sector.

CTPAT – Trade Compliance

OCTOBER 31 | 2 P.M. EST | 1 HOUR
The panel will discuss the CTPAT Trade Compliance program and forced labor requirements and benefits associated with the program.

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