New Legislation of Interest to Vermont Employers

The following are bills recently introduced that might be of interest to Vermont employers.  Text and other information about a bill’s status are available by clicking on the linked bill number.  Note that official statements of purpose might not fully reflect the purpose or effect of the bill.  If “SHORT FORM” is noted, the text of the bill is still pending.  If you have any questions about the bills listed below, please contact us at   If you are interested in other legislation introduced during this Legislature or during past sessions, you can click here.

House Bills

H.537:  This bill proposes to require retail establishments to allow a customer with an inflammatory bowel disease to use an employee restroom when a public restroom is not immediately accessible. Introduced by Representatives Andriano of Orwell and Wood of Waterbury.

H.544:  This bill proposes to prohibit in the short-term the manufacture, sale, and distribution in Vermont of cosmetic and menstrual products containing certain chemicals and chemical classes, textiles containing perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, and athletic turf fields containing perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances. In the longer term, it further proposes to prohibit the manufacture, sale, and distribution in Vermont of any product containing perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances if the use of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances is deemed a currently unavoidable use. Introduced by Representatives Labor of Morgan, Page of Newport City, Anthony of Barre City, Berbeco of Winooski, Bos-Lun of Westminster, Brumsted of Shelburne, Campbell of St. Johnsbury, Christie of Hartford, Dodge of Essex, Dolan of Essex Junction, Dolan of Waitsfield, Donahue of Northfield, Farlice-Rubio of Barnet, Galfetti of Barre Town, Gregoire of Fairfield, Hango of Berkshire, Holcombe of Norwich, LaBounty of Lyndon, Lalley of Shelburne, McCann of Montpelier, McGill of Bridport, Morrissey of Bennington, Pouech of Hinesburg, Priestley of Bradford, Rice of Dorset, Sims of Craftsbury, Templeman of Brownington, Torre of Moretown, and Wilson of Lyndon.

H.560:  This bill proposes to make technical corrections to rulemaking requirements enacted in 2023 Act and Resolves No. 76.  Introduced by Representative Marcotte of Coventry.

H.569: This bill proposes to authorize the Secretary of Natural Resources to use written agreements or policies, known as administrative use controls, to reduce hazards posed by a hazardous material contaminated site. Introduced by Representative Dolan of Waitsfield.

H.576: This bill proposes to create a study committee to analyze the creation of a fund that could be utilized by the Vermont Department of Labor to provide a reserve for the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund during periods of high unemployment as well as to support the Unemployment Insurance Program by providing funding for the acquisition of information technology upgrades, maintenance of existing information technology, improvement of services, fraud prevention, and to address other needs for which the Department lacks sufficient funding. The study committee shall analyze the advantages and drawbacks of various funding mechanisms and determine whether an enterprise fund, special fund, trust fund, or an account in the Unemployment Compensation Administrative Fund would best serve the needs of the Department. Introduced by Representatives Williams of Barre City, Graning of Jericho, and Priestley of Bradford.

H.586: This bill proposes to amend or enact multiple provisions related to improved flood protection and climate resilience in the State. The bill would also establish or authorize additional activities for the financing of climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience projects.  Introduced by Representatives Dolan of Waitsfield, Anthony of Barre City, Bluemle of Burlington, Burrows of West Windsor, Chapin of East Montpelier, Cole of Hartford, Holcombe of Norwich, Hyman of South Burlington, Jerome of Brandon, Lalley of Shelburne, Leavitt of Grand Isle, Masland of Thetford, Mrowicki of Putney, Ode of Burlington, Patt of Worcester, Pouech of Hinesburg, Priestley of Bradford, Rice of Dorset, Squirrell of Underhill, Stebbins of Burlington, Stevens of Waterbury, Stone of Burlington, Torre of Moretown, White of Bethel, and Williams of Barre City

H.590: This bill proposes to provide insurance protections and job-protected leave from employment for living donors.  Introduced by Representatives Noyes of Wolcott and Carpenter of Hyde Park.

H.601: This bill proposes to prohibit the presence of certain high priority materials and high priority chemicals in packaging or packaging components sold or distributed in the State.  Introduced by Representative Satcowitz of Randolph.

H.602: This bill proposes to prohibit the construction or operation of any new facility that uses plastic in a regulated technology, such as energy generation, pyrolysis, or combustion. The bill also would ban any State incentive for a regulated technology that uses plastics.  Introduced by Representative Satcowitz of Randolph.

H.607: This bill proposes to give consumers a way to more easily determine if a business is owned and operated by a person in Vermont or by an outside entity.  Introduced by Representative Pearl of Danville.

H.608: This bill proposes to allow municipalities to create a nonresidential property tax surcharge to support the rehabilitation of blighted property and fund public safety.  Introduced by Representative Howard of Rutland City.