Expansive Mandatory Paid Leave Bill Being Rushed Through the House

The House Ways and Means Committee is poised to pass out H.66, imposing mandatory paid family leave and expanding unpaid leave mandates to all employers, after the Legislature returns from the upcoming Town Meeting Week break.  The Committee leadership appears determined to move the bill after they return on March 14 without fully examining and […]

Clean Heat Standard Nears Key Vote, Impact on Manufacturing Uncertain

As discussed previously, S.5 would create a Clean Heat Standard program, developed by the Public Utility Commission by 2025, under which fossil fuel sellers (those who initially own the fuel imported into Vermont for sale) would have to purchase tradable credits in order to sell non-highway transportation fuels.  They could also earn credits through supporting […]

Proposed Expansion of UI Eligibility, Rules for Non-Profits

This week the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee continued testimony on H.55 and H.92, each addressing unemployment insurance.  AIV testified on these bills Wednesday. H.92 would create or expand eligibility to qualify for UI benefits if the individual voluntarily quit for reasons related to “urgent, compelling, or necessitous circumstances, as determined by the Commissioner, […]

Chemical and Manufacturer Responsibility Legislation

The Legislature is currently working on and expected to take up several bills impacting chemicals in products or financial responsibility for handling certain product waste management.  Below are the key bills that have been introduced so far, as well as a link to S.20 from the last biennium, which has a deadline for banning PFAS […]

Impacts of Climate Change Legislation for Manufacturing and other Employers: Need for Communication and Engagement

The Legislature is either currently discussing or expected to discuss bills related to climate change that would affect the cost and supply of heating, process, and transportation fuels.  As these discussions continue, it is critical that manufacturers and other companies with relatively high exposure to heating, process, or transportation costs are kept fully informed and […]

Mandatory Paid Family and Medical Leave, Other Leave Changes

The House General and Housing Committee took an initial look Wednesday at the newly introduced H.66, which would create a mandatory paid family and medical leave program in the state.  The bill actually makes several significant changes to state law – it creates a paid leave program and fund to cover family and medical leave […]

Extended Deadline: Worksite Wellness Award Application Now Open

The 2023 Worksite Wellness Award Application is open (click here)! These awards recognize awardees in four categories. Applications will be scored based on employer size. We recognize the impacts of the pandemic on worksite wellness initiatives and there is space on the application to share about these impacts. The application deadline has been extended to […]

Registration Open for HTS/Schedule B Classification Training for Exporters

Businesses seeking to better understand how to use the Harmonized Tarriff System (HTS) for imports and the Schedule B listing for exports won’t want to miss the next export training webinar on Tuesday, February 7, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Trainer Mike Allocca of Allocca Enterprises (click here) will explain the General Rules of Interpretation […]

Agricultural and Forestry Trade Show Assistance | January 31 Deadlines

Trade Show Assistance Grants  Agricultural and forestry businesses may apply for up to $5,000 to help mitigate the financial risks associated with exhibiting at trade shows and network with wholesale buyers. Funds may reimburse up to 50% of costs related to exhibiting and selling products at out-of-state trade shows or virtual shows targeting out-of-state buyers that […]