New COVID-19 Workplace Guidance from OSHA

Responding to the recent executive order on worker health and safety, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued stronger guidance on identifying coronavirus exposure risks and implementing a COVID-19 Prevention Program at work.  Click here.

Overview of New Presidential Executive Orders Impacting Employers

The new Administration has issued numerous executive orders  addressing COVID-19, racial and gender equality, climate issues, the economy, immigration, and other issues. The following are a few key orders of particular interest to manufacturers and other employers: Protecting Worker Health and Safety (click here). This order instructs OSHA to update employer guidance on how to […]

Updated Resources from the CDC

Questions and Answers about COVID-19 Vaccines Updated information addressing questions about vaccines is available.  Click here for more. Click here for more on what to expect after getting a vaccine. Overview and Background on New COVID-19 Variants Information about the characteristics of these variants is rapidly emerging. Scientists are working to learn more about how […]

Updated Resources and Guidance from USDOL and OSHA

Prevailing Wages for Foreign Worker Programs A final rule addresses the minimum prevailing wages for permanent employment certification, H-1B, H-1B1, and E-3 visa foreign worker programs.  Click here. New Unemployment Benefits This blog addresses common questions about the extension of unemployment insurance benefits.  Click here. Farmworker Rule A final rule addresses the H-2A temporary agriculture […]

Updated Resources and Guidance from USDOL and OSHA

Transporting Workers Safety Tips A new OSHA Alert provides tips to keep farmworkers transported in employer-provided vehicles safe.  Click here. Winter Safety When temperatures drop, follow these tips to keep workers safe from cold stress.  Click here. Holiday Safety Is your workplace prepared for the holiday season?  Use these worker training tips (click here) to […]

Updated Resources and Guidance from the CDC

The following updates have been published by the CDC:  When to Quarantine. Click here. Considerations for Wearing Masks. Click here. Know When to Delay your Travel to Avoid Spreading COVID-19. Click here. Operational Considerations for Adapting a Contact Tracing Program to Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Click here.

Updated Guidance and Resources from USDOL and OSHA

Protecting Seasonal Worker Safety and Pay The Department recently reminded employers of their responsibility to protect worker safety and pay during the holiday season. Click here. Release on Cloth Face Coverings  OSHA updated FAQs addressing using cloth face coverings as personal protective equipment. Click here.  Generator Safety Alert A new OSHA alert provides tips to keep […]

Updated Guidance and Resources from USDOL and OSHA

Resolving Potential Employment Discrimination The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs announced a final rule codifying procedures to resolve potential employment discrimination. The rule will increase transparency and help to strategically allocate limited agency resources.  (Click here). Workplace Ventilation  OSHA has issued a new alert on workplace ventilation.  Click here.

Updated Resources and Guidance from USDOL and OSHA

Staying Safe in Flu Season Flu activity tends to rise in October and then peak between December and February. OSHA has tips to keep workers safe and limit the flu’s spread.  Click here. NDEAM Event Next Tuesday An online celebration on Oct. 20 will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the National Disability Employment Awareness Month […]

Updated Resources and Guidance from USDOL and OSHA

National Apprenticeship Week Dates Announced USDOL is recognizing National Apprenticeship Week November 8-14. National Apprenticeship Week is an annual event recognizing the value that apprenticeship offers employers, career seekers, and the communities.  Click here for more.   Combatting Forced Labor The Bureau of International Labor Affairs has added five goods produced in China to its […]