UPDATE | Status of Major Chemical Legislation

The following are updates on the status of key chemical related legislation addressed in recent posts.  Links are provided to recent posts with more substantive information.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@aivt.org for more information or to discuss options for engaging on these issues directly.  Also see this post on the related […]

UPDATE & ALERT | Status of Extended Producer Responsibility for Household Products

The House Natural Resources, Fish, and Wildlife Committee reviewed a new version of H.560, addressing household products containing a hazardous substance, Thursday. The current draft can be reviewed by clicking here.  It would impose sweeping extended producer responsibility/product stewardship mandates on any manufacturer selling a broad scope of household products containing a hazardous substance.  The […]

ALERT UPDATE | Chemical Regulation:  Significant Developments and Processes Underway, Manufacturer Engagement Critical

There are several legacy legislative and regulatory developments carrying over into 2018 that could significantly impact manufacturers and other companies utilizing or marketing in chemicals and the products they go into, as well as several new bills introduced that would impact a variety of product and process categories. AIV has been and continues to be […]

UPDATED ALERT | Fees and Public Reporting for Manufacturers of Hazardous Household Products

H.560 as introduced would require manufacturers selling household products containing hazardous substances, with certain exemptions, to register and report detailed information about every such product by UPC code or European Article Number, and pay $100 annual for each individual UPC/EAN report, with the money raised going to ANR and solid waste districts.  These reports would […]

ALERT | Legal and Financial Liabilities Related to Chemicals

Legislation, S.197, was introduced for the new legislative session that contains provisions addressing two of the three legal and financial liability provisions that had been included in the original version of S.103, the wide ranging chemical bill introduced last year. Specifically, S.197 would (1) expose any person who releases a toxic substance strictly, jointly, and […]

Broad Review of Chemical Regulation in Vermont:  Interagency Committee on Chemical Management

Governor Scott last summer signed an Executive Order to address several chemical regulatory issues that should be of interest to manufacturers, retailers, and other companies in Vermont and nationally.  AIV had been and continues to be actively engaging on these issues with a coalition of Vermont manufacturers and national trade associations, and we encourage Vermont […]

REMINDER | Updated 2017 Stormwater Management Guidance and Permit Information Available Online, Trainings Ongoing

In addition to the 2017 Vermont Stormwater Management Manual and Design Guidance document, the Vermont DEC Stormwater Program recently posted 2017 stormwater discharge permit application materials revised for use with the 2017 VSMM.  These materials are only to be used for permit applications submitted under the new manual, that takes effect on July 1, 2017.  […]

UPDATE | Manufacturers and Retailers Urged to Prepare: Changes in Vermont Chemical Regulations Unlikely this Year, But Significant Proposals Expected Next Year

S.103, addressing chemical regulations, was referred last week to the Senate Health and Welfare Committee, and is unlikely to be taken up before the Legislature adjourns for the year.  As reported previously, the House-passed version of this bill includes several provisions that would critically undermine the integrity and credibility of the scientific and health-based criteria […]

ACTION ALERT | Chemical Bill Would Gut Scientific and Health Standards for Product Regulations, Create Unprecedented Agency Discretion

S.103, addressing changes to Vermont’s various chemical regulations, is currently pending action in the Senate as the legislature heads into its last few days of the session this Wednesday.  As passed by the House last week, the bill would critically undermine the integrity and credibility of Vermont’s regulation of chemicals in children’s products (Act 188) […]