Wide Ranging Chemical Bill Introduced; Manufacturers and Retailers Should Review

Legislation, H.268, was introduced this week including a wide array of new chemical regulations and legal liabilities based in part on the recommendations in the Act 154 Working Group report addressed previously (see related post here).  These changes could impact many Vermont manufacturers, other Vermont businesses including retailers, as well as out of state manufacturers. […]

Broad New Chemical Regulations and Liabilities Proposed

Vermont businesses are expected to face a number of new chemical regulatory and legal liability proposals this legislative session.  These proposals could be contentious and controversial, and if enacted they could have significant impacts on Vermont manufacturers and retailers. The Senate Natural Resources Committee Thursday heard an overview of a recently filed working group report […]

Clean Water Debate Underway

Committees of jurisdiction are beginning to review in earnest the Treasurer’s Clean Water Report (click here) outlining funding needs and options for clean water initiatives and requirements across Vermont, particularly Lake Champlain and its basin. The report looks at options for more than $25 million in funding in each of the next two years, with […]

Governor Scott’s Budget Address

The following is the press release regarding Governor Scott’s Budget Address.  The text of the address and other information is linked below. For Immediate Release Tuesday, January 24, 2017 Contact: Rebecca Kelley  802-622-4047 GOVERNOR PHIL SCOTT DELIVERS FIRST BUDGET ADDRESS  Presents balanced budget that makes key investments in economic development, education, housing and clean water   […]

Action Alerts | PFOA Contamination Continues to Motivate Broader Chemical and Environmental Regulations; Manufacturers and Others Should Be Aware and Consider Engagement

As reported previously, PFOA contamination in southern Vermont has prompted a range of legislative and regulatory responses that address issues far beyond the scope of just PFOA. Several new posts for News & Views address the most pressing legislative and regulatory developments that warrant the attention of manufacturers and others subject to or professionally engaged […]

Update & Action Alert | Legislation Moving to Expand Regulations Related to Chemicals and Hazardous Materials; Manufacturers Face Potential Increased Liability and Other Issues

The primary legislative response to the unfolding issue of PFOA contamination in Vermont are amendments made by the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee to a bill previously passed by the House, H.595.  The full Senate will be debating and voting on H.595 and the Committee’s amendments this Tuesday and Wednesday.  The House Fish, Wildlife, […]

Action Alert | PFOA/PFOS Emergency Rules Filed; Final Rule Proposals Pending

On April 13, ANR filed emergency rules with respect to perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS). Specifically, ANR has amended the Vermont Groundwater Protection Rule and Strategy to adopt the Health Advisories established by the Department of Health for PFOA and PFOS. ANR has also amended the Vermont Hazardous Waste Management Regulations to list […]

Resolution on Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Reform

The House last week passed a resolution, JRH.26, calling on Congress to pass reforms to the federal Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Although AIV and other manufacturing parties support TSCA reform, and the House Fish, Wildlife, and Water Resources Committee made some modest changes to the resolution following AIV testimony, the resolution still makes a […]

Action Alert | PFOA Contamination Could Open Vermont Manufacturers to Sweeping New Regulations of Products and Chemical Use and Management

The detection of PFOA in groundwater in southern Vermont has motivated legislators to consider legislative actions in either direct or indirect response.  While a number of legitimate steps could be considered, groups with long-standing agendas pushing for broad and strict regulations and penalties for manufacturers and other companies are taking advantage of legitimate concerns and […]

Fast Moving Bill Could have Wide Ranging Consequences for Products Involving Pesticides and Related Treatments

In a move that caught a number of legislators and potentially affected parties off guard, the House Agriculture Committee last week rushed into introduction and passage on the House Floor a bill, H.861, that would greatly expand the regulatory authority of the Agency of Agriculture over any product treated with or otherwise integrating pesticides. The […]