Trade Update from A.N. Deringer | Deferment of Duties for Importers

The following is provided courtesy of AIV member A.N. Deringer: CBP Provides 90-Day Deferment of Duties for Importers Experiencing COVID-19 Related Hardships On April 19, 2020, CBP released CSMS 42423171 announcing that the payment deadline for certain estimated duties, taxes, and fees would be postponed for 90 calendar days for importers experiencing a hardship attributable […]

Trade Update | Webinar Notice from A.N. Deringer

The following is provided courtesy of AIV member A.N. Deringer: A.N. Deringer would like to invite you to a special webinar: US-China Trade in a Time of Crisis. COVID-19 continues to be a global health pandemic. While the spread of the coronavirus in China has slowed, the economic consequences have been devastating for the Chinese […]

Trade Updates from A.N. Deringer | Certain PPE and Ventilator Exports Banned

The following is provided courtesy of AIV member A.N. Deringer: Certain PPE and Ventilators Temporarily Banned from US Export, Subject to FEMA Approval Effective April 7, a new temporary rule in the Federal Register bars the export of certain personal protective equipment (PPE) and ventilators without prior authorization from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The rule […]

Monitoring Global Essential Business Guidance

Our national allies at NAM continue to closely monitor global actions that affect manufacturers’ ability to operate around the world, with a particular focus on Mexico and Canada. Mexico has released a decree (click here) that defines a narrow set of industries and activities as essential in Mexico, resulting in considerable uncertainty for the supply […]

Trade Updates from A.N. Deringer

The following are provided courtesy of AIV member A.N. Deringer: FDA (and Deringer) Provide Guidance for Importing COVID-19-Related Goods, CBP Requests Advance Notice On March 24, 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a statement asserting they were taking actions to help with the supply of COVID-19-related materials, such as personal protective equipment and […]

Export-Import Bank Moves to Provide More Flexibility and Liquidity for Manufacturers

[AIV’s national allies at NAM helped contribute the updates below] The Ex-Im Bank has approved a resolution (click here) to support four temporary measures to help inject liquidity into the market and provide maximum flexibility for exporters and suppliers. You can find more information about these measures, which include temporary bridge financing, progress delivery payment […]

Tracking Document to Help Navigate International Trade and Supply Chain Issues

AIV’s national allies at NAM are closely monitoring foreign export restrictions and bans on personal protective equipment, health products and other products during the COVID-19 response. They are identifying these country-specific restrictions and sharing them through a tracking document you can find by clicking here. For help finding more information, contact us at  

US Announces Restrictions on Nonessential Travel with Canada and Mexico

The United States and Canada will be restricting travel between the two countries to only essential travel. The travel restrictions do not apply to cross-border trade.  The Department of Homeland Security has explained that “nonessential travel” refers to travel for tourism or recreational purposes. The restrictions go into effect on March 21 and will be […]

On the Wire | News & Analysis from the Web for the Week of January 6

Plant security: How to manage a moving target.  Plant Services 1/8 “For some, the September 2019 drone attack on Saudi Aramco oil facilities was a wakeup call. Industrial, utility, and other critical infrastructure are subject to ever-evolving external security threats; while cyberattacks have become inevitable, physical risks are intensifying as well. Understanding this harsh truth […]