Reminder | Review and Feedback, Questions on New Tax Laws Impacting Vermont Manufacturers and Other Businesses

As noted at the end of the session, the Legislature has passed legislation implementing several long standing priorities to improve the tax environment for manufacturers and other businesses in Vermont that AIV has been leading efforts on over recent years.  S.53 includes provisions adopting single sales factor apportionment for corporate income tax liability as well […]

Legislative Session Wrapping Up, Updates and Outlooks Coming

It appears all but certain that the Legislature will conclude its regular session by the end of this week.  It remains uncertain whether there will be a date set to return to deal with any potential vetoes that might be issued after this initial adjournment, or if no date will be set and it will […]

Economic Development Bill Passes Legislature, Includes Aid and Incentives for Employers and Employees

The final conference report for S.11, which became the latest and last vehicle for attaching a wide range of economic development and other provisions that have evolved over this session,  has passed the Legislature and is awaiting the Governor’s action.  It includes a number of provisions intended to help certain employers and employees.  Unfortunately it […]

ACTION ALERT | UI Legislation:  Partial Mitigation of Tax Increases, but Significant Increase in Benefit Costs

The House is expected to take up legislation, S.62, this coming week that will include provisions taken from previously discussed legislation, S.10, addressing UI tax and benefit issues.  The current bill will increase UI benefit costs by more than $100 million over the coming years while partially addressing underlying distortions that would otherwise increase UI […]

UPDATE | Corporate and Sales Tax Provisions Benefiting Manufacturers Back on the Table, Complicated with Other Tax Proposals

The House Ways and Means Committee has revived work on corporate and sales tax reforms that would benefit Vermont manufacturers.  Earlier this year, AIV outlined changes to the apportionment of corporate taxable income as well as expansion and clarification of the sales tax exemption for machinery and equipment that we have long advocated for and […]

ACTION ALERT | Update on Legislation Impacting UI Benefits and Taxes; Employer Engagement Now Focuses on the House

The Senate last week passed S.10, legislation impacting UI benefits and taxes, with amendments.  The bill is now pending review and action in the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee, which could take the legislation up as soon as next week. Current Provisions and Issues The bill includes a number of provisions, some of which […]

This Week in Committees

The following are selected items on committee calendars for the coming week that might be of interest to members.  Schedules are subject to change.  If you would like more in­formation on any of these issues or others of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us at  You can also review full agendas […]

New Legislation of Interest to Vermont Employers

The following are bills recently introduced that might be of interest to Vermont employers.  Text and other information about a bill’s status are available by clicking on the linked bill number.  Note that official statements of purpose might not fully reflect the purpose or effect of the bill.  If “SHORT FORM” is noted, the text […]