Economic Development and Business Support Proposal Announced

Governor Scott has announced a proposal for an additional $133 million in economic relief and recovery initiatives, using funds from the $1.25 billion the state received from the federal CARES Act. Funding would support expanded economic recovery grants, targeted relief to tourism and hospitality industries, $150 worth of ‘Buy Local’ incentives for every Vermont household, […]

Legislation Passes Expanding Workers’ Compensation Presumptions for COVID-19 | Employer Compliance with ACCD Guidance Critical

The Legislature rushed to pass S.342 in the closing days before recessing Friday until August 25.  The bill would create a rebuttable presumption that COVID-19 is a compensable workplace illness across all sectors, although the bill defines “front-line” workers who would have the stronger presumption, while employers of non “front-line” workers would have more options […]

State Legislature Begins to Return to Non-COVID-19 Legislation

After approximately two months of focusing primarily on COVID-19 related briefings and some legislation, a number of legislators have been pressing to resume action on legislation that was being discussed prior to the crisis.  This pressure led to the first major development this week when the Senate leadership gave the green light to a number […]

Possible Movement on Legislation to Set Up Manufacturer Financial Liability for Packaging and Printed Material Management

One of the non-COVID-19 related bills not currently on the Senate calendar for floor action but might be given clearance to move out of committee to the floor (see related post here) is S.227, which would address a number of solid waste issues but most significantly set the stage for a potentially wide ranging and […]

Proposed Grant Program to Support Manufacturers Retooling to Produce PPE Put on Hold | Feedback Still Needed from Interested Companies

As reported previously, H.945 was developed by the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee to provide grants to Vermont manufacturers that might need assistance in retooling their operations to produced PPE needed in the state (see related post here).  This week, however, the Committee put further consideration of the bill on hold after feedback from […]

House Committees Considering Grant Program for Manufacturers Retooling to Provide PPE

Following testimony in April by AIV, RDCs, and VMEC on our efforts to connect Vermont manufacturers with their peers and the state to produce PPE and other critically needed supplies and services to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee has developed legislation, introduced as H.945, to provide grants to […]

Legislation Providing Grants for “Front Line” Workers Heads for the Vermont Senate Floor, Future Uncertain

The Senate Appropriations Committee has approved legislation, S.346, to provide grants for employees in certain “front line” essential occupations.  Qualified employees who worked 108 hours or me in a month could receive $1000 per month, and those working at least 34 hours but less than 108 could receive $600.  The grants would be available for […]

Legislation Creating Certain Presumptions for Workers’ Compensation for COVID-19

The Senate Economic Development, Housing, and General Affairs Committee is proposing legislation to provide a presumption of workers’ compensation coverage for certain employees who contract COVID-19.  The current draft of the bill can be reviewed here. The bill defines a number of “front line” employees, generally health and safety related, for the presumption, but also […]