Stormwater Update: Presentation on Draft Revisions of the Stormwater Management Manual

The DEC Stormwater Program will be holding a presentation and Q&A session on a forthcoming proposed draft of the revised Vermont Stormwater Management Manual.  The presentation, to be held at the Pavilion Auditorium in Montpellier, will be an opportunity to learn about the proposed Draft revision to the Stormwater Management Manual, provide comments and feedback, […]

Act 250 9(L) Guidance Update and Remaining Public Comment

Following stakeholder engagement during the past year, the Department of Housing and Community development recently released what they presented as the final version of Guidance for Act 250 9(L), as well as a summary of the comments they had received.  The comments document indicates if they included the recommendation or why they did not. The […]

Vermont Department of Labor Seeks Public Comment on Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

The Vermont Department of Labor is seeking public comment and to engage stakeholders in the dialogue about the changes to the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). The Department is soliciting ideas and feedback for the state’s WIOA Unified Plan. According to the draft plans’ opening Overview: The State of Vermont is submitting this […]