Update on Marijuana Legalization: Will It Pass the House? Will Drug Testing Reform Get the Attention It Deserves?

Legislation to legalize recreational marijuana, S.241, is pending committee action in the House after passing the Senate before last week’s break. It remains unclear what its fate will be. There remains a “conventional wisdom” estimation that there is too much opposition in key committees, like Judiciary and Appropriations, and general unease to pass the bill. […]

Prohibiting Questions about Criminal History on Initial Job Applications

The House General, Housing, and Military Affairs Committee took initial testimony the week before the Town Meeting break and is expected to try and pass out this week legislation, H.261, that would prohibit employers in most circumstances from including a question about criminal history on an initial job application. Exceptions would include jobs where federal […]

Update on Mandatory Paid Leave: Legislation Set to Be Signed into Law this Week; Employers Should Understand Requirements and Options

Governor Shumlin is scheduled to sign H.187, imposing mandatory paid leave, into law Wednesday. The following are the core provisions: Employers of all sizes must provide up to 40 hours of paid sick, family, and domestic violence leave in a 12-month period to employees working an average of 18 hours or more a week (the […]

ANR Permit Process Reform

The Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee before Town Meeting Week passed out S.123, making a number of changes to the permitting and appeal process for certain ANR permits. In general, the bill would consolidate a number of procedural matters, seek to increase public awareness and involvement up front, but also limit appeals to parties […]

Member Contribution: Tech Trends

The following is provided by John Burton, President of AIV member NPI, a tech­nology management company located in South Burlington. For more information, call (800) 639-6091, or go to www.npi.net.   Supply Chain and Business Continuity Planning When it comes to business continuity, it’s important to hope for the best but plan for the worst. This […]

Workplace Accommodation for Pregnant Employees

The House General, Housing, and Military Affairs Committee took testimony Thursday on H.808, which would require employers to provide accommodation for pregnant employees. Pregnancy accommodation has been the subject of recent Supreme Court action and interest by the EEOC. Approximately 17 states have related statutes, although they do not all take the approach of H.808. […]

Reforming Classification of Employees and Independent Contractors

The House Commerce Committee will take further testimony and potentially vote on legislation to reform employee classification statutes determining employee or independent contractor status for UI and workers’ compensation, as well as make additional related reforms. As reported previously, the Committee is working primarily from H.773, with employer groups also recommending elements from H.378.  AIV […]

Marijuana Legalization and Drug Testing Reform

Legislation to legalize recreational marijuana, S.241, took another step forward at the end of last week with approval by the Senate Finance Committee. The bill will be reviewed by the Senate Appropriations Committee this week. AIV testified to a number of concerns for employers, especially manufacturers, before the Senate Economic Development Committee. This Committee has […]